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Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers, working with physicians from Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, are committed to the delivery of quality, dependable and convenient sleep studies for children 6 to 18-year-olds.  Pediatric sleep studies are available at the Delaware Sleep Disorder Center locations in Newark & Rehoboth Beach, DE.


A sleep study is a noninvasive test that measures the heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, muscle movements and brain activity while asleep.  During a sleep study, we monitor, measure and record many different aspects of your child's sleep patterns and how your child's body behaves during sleep - physically and physiologically.


To stay in the forefront of technological leadership, we employ state-of-the-art equipment to test for a full range of sleep disorders.  Professionals with specialized training in sleep studies perform initial scoring and evaluation of diagnostic test data.


The sleep medicine experts from duPont Hospital for Children will interpret your child's sleep study and be available for consultations.  Our Delaware Sleep Disorder Centers team, under the leadership of Aaron Chidekel, MD, includes duPont Hospital for children's board-certified physicians in both pediatric pulmonology (lung specialists), and sleep medicine.


The overall process is simple and has been implemented to achieve fast, satisfying results for the care and treatment of your child.  We help our patients rediscover the simple joy of a full, restorative night's sleep and a return to a normal, wide-awake life yielding benefits to their physical health and emotional well-being.


The Results will make you smile!

We conduct our sleep studies in a child-friendly atmosphere, with suites that are designed to make your child as comfortable as possible and are handicapped accessible.  Every effort is made to maintain your privacy.  The suites are equipped with televisions, books, toys, and a sleep for one legal guardian.  Our specially trained sleep technologists will prepare your child for the sleep study and explain everything in a manner that will help your child be at ease through the entire process.  The sleep technician will monitor your child through the night using special audio and video devices.

Set up for a child's sleep study requires about 60-90 minutes.  Please be sure to arrive on time for the appointment.


Sensors will be applied to strategic points on the body, face and scalp.  These sensors monitor key activities while your child sleeps.  A special abdominal and chest band will also be worn.  This data provides crucial information to the physician that will lead the doctor to a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.  When lights are out (there will be a night light if needed), your child will be observed by our sleep technician. 


In the morning, the sensors and bands will be removed and your child can shower if desired.  Light breakfast items will also be available.


A board-certified sleep specialist from duPont Hospital for Children will review the sleep study and make recommendations appropriate for your child's treatment, if any is required.  The findings and recommendations will be sent to your child's physician, which may include consulting another specialist or a return visit to your child's physician.  You should expect to hear from a physician's office within 10 business days.

In order to prepare yoru child for the sleep study, we have provided a list of several helpful suggestions and requests:

  • If your child has any special needs, let us know:  oxygen, allergies, wheelchair use. (Bring oxygen tanks in case of electricity loss.)

  • No caffeine or chocolate products the day of the study.

  • Continue any medications that are normally given and bring any medications that you may need during the night or in the morning.

  • Eat your evening meal before arriving.  Bring any special snacks, sippy cups, or drinks.

  • Try to make sure your child does not take a nap.

  • Let your child wear comfortable pajamas (no pajamas with feet) or nightgown to the sleep center and bring a pair of socks.

  • Bring your child's favorte pillow, blanket, stuffed animal or doll.

  • Bring a favorite toy or book to enjoy.

  • Bring a change of clothing, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush or comb for the next morning and an extra pair of underclothing in case of an accident.  Bring diapers, pull-ups and wipes if needed.

  • Bathe and wash hair before arriving for the study so that sensors adhere easily.  Remove braids, cornrows or hair extentions.  You will be sent home if you arrive with these hairstyles because the sensors cannot be placed.

  • Do not add gels, sprays, conditioners, or lotions to hair or scalp.

  • Remove nail polish, makeup, powders, creams and body lotions.

  • PLEASE bring insurance cards, a list of medications, co-payment, a photo i.d., a completed patient information sheet and a completed sleep log sheet (available for download at


Partner for Sleep Health

You need a referral from your primary care physician in order for your insurance to cover your sleep study.  We accept all major insurance plans.  If you do not have a referral and need one, we will contact your primary care physician and obtain one for you.  We also have a team of physicians available if necessary.

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