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Sleep Studies

PSG: Polysomnography: This is a diagnostic test that is performed to determine IF someone is having any sleep related disorders. It is a continuous recording of the heart rate, breathing, muscle and brain activities during sleep.

Home Sleep Studies: This study is ordered to be performed home. It can be performed if the patient has no co-morbidities and is usually performed on those who are unable to leave home or a nursing facility. It may also be ordered if a sleep related disorder is questionable. Only minimal education and training is required and the patient is sent home with the necessary equipment.

CPAP: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: This is a therapeutic study that is performed to determine the level of severity of a sleep related disorder. It is a continuous recording of the heart rate, breathing, muscle and brain activities during sleep and a titration of airflow that is maintained until the patients apneic periods are controlled or omitted.

ASV: Adaptive Servo Ventilation: This study is performed if the patient has undergone unsuccessful CPAP/BI-level studies due to persistent apneic periods and/or displays periods of apnea accompanied by no chest movement in an attempt to breathe during those apneic periods. (Central apnea)

PAP-NAP: This study is performed when someone has been ordered a CPAP or BIPAP and is unable to tolerate the therapy. This study is part of a desensitization process which can help alleviate anxiety during flow therapy or help adjustment to flow therapy.

MSLT: Multi-Sleep-Latency Testing: This study is performed if Narcolepsy is suspected. This study is performed during the day after having a PSG study the night before.

MWT: Multi-Wakefulness Testing: This test may or may not be preceded by a PSG the night before. This study is performed during the day. It is usually ordered for employee’s that must prove that they are able to remain awake during normal sleeping hours or continuous, less active jobs such as equipment operators, truck drivers, factory workers and pilots.

EEG: Electroencephalogram: Routine EEG (at our facility) or Ambulatory EEG (performed overnight and at home once the patient is set up at our office): This is a study of brain wave activity.

CPAP Compliance Program: A program designed to allow immediate follow-up of the patient after a CPAP/BIPAP has been ordered. Includes review of study (ies), education and set up of equipment by specific entrusted Durable Medical Equipment providers who will provide routine follow-ups for equipment, accessories and compliance. Results are shared with your physician.

Partner for Sleep Health

You need a referral from your primary care physician in order for your insurance to cover your sleep study.  We accept all major insurance plans.  If you do not have a referral and need one, we will contact your primary care physician and obtain one for you.  We also have a team of physicians available if necessary.

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